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Having developed in excess of 4000 different valves over 50 years, Takasago has established itself as a leading manufacturer of valves and other fluidic devices. With this experience and knowledge about fluid handling and precision control we can provide our customers with high quality custom made products.

Typical applications using Takasago products include:

  • Diagnostic instruments such as clinical chemistry/immunoassay analysers

  • Analytical instruments including liquid/gas chromatographs

  • Biotechnology equipments for DNA analysis, cell culture, cell handling, etc.

  • Environmental measuring instruments for water, air, flue gas or automotive exhaust gas

  • Ink-jet printers

  • Medical instruments including dialysis machines

  • Fluid control devices for special chemicals, beverages, etc

  • Portable fuel cells

  • Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment

Solenoid valve
Solenoid valve
Solenoid valve

Takasago Features & Benefits

  • Miniature fingertip size valves to large bore models.

  • A wide selection of inert body materials including PTFE and PEEK.

  • Zero pumping volume valves for accurate sampling.

  • Unique soft seal option for particle tolerance and leakage prevention.

  • Manifold arrangements to suit most applications.

  • Assembled in a clean room environment.

Contact Orion Valves anytime on

+44 (0)1202 862403

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Orion Valves supply solenoid valves and related products to the laboratory, medical, bio-medical, pharmaceutical and process industries throughout the UK and Ireland